Staying Organized In Small Spaces

Guest Post by Martha Keagan

Many will agree that disorganization is a pet peeve; for some, a cluttered space means a cluttered brain. Disorganization can be overwhelming, chaotic, unattractive and highly distracting, but unfortunately this feeling is common, especially for those living in a small spaces or tiny apartments. Oftentimes, people feel compelled to hold onto certain things without even having the space, meaning the “stuff” ends up in heaps and disorganization becomes the theme. Of course the opposite is true for minimalists who enjoy living in limited living space specifically because it keeps hoarding under control. An organized home seems lighter and fresh. There are several easy tips you can utilize for organizing your apartment, office or any other small space—even your car! Then, once the disorganized becomes organized, the hard part is keeping it that way.

Learning to Let Go

The first step to organizing a small space is simply letting go. You may have some hoarding tendencies that you’ve allowed to become a bad habit, but for some people, hoarding is a chronic and disabling disorder that may require the assistance of a trained professional. No matter what your circumstance, the first step to organizing is separating “need” from “do not need.” The task of letting go may feel easier with friends or family to help, as identifying which items are needs and which are not is more effective when you have no emotional attachment to the items.

Assign Storage Areas in Every Room

Once you have freed your space from the stuff you do not need, the next step is to assign storage areas in each room. Instead of throwing things “wherever,” there should be a specific places for items like mail, shoes, coats, books and toiletries. Inspired by the demand for clutter free, manufacturers have all types of furniture and storage units for different rooms in the house, many specifically for organizing small spaces. Purchasing coffee tables with inner storage, decorative baskets and stylish wall shelving are all easy ways to store your items in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion.

House Goods in a Garage Storage Unit

Some people may have garage storage units either attached or detached from their living space. These units are typically available for an additional fee and are helpful for those who have items not needed on an everyday basis, but still necessary to keep. Objects like bikes, out of season clothing and large furniture can fit in the garage storage area and free up space inside the home.

Clear Storage Options

Clutter busters that include clear plastic bins, vacuumed storage bags, vinyl shoe racks and glass wide mouth bottles (perfect for items like crafts, food, bedding, toiletries, jewelry, etc.) are perfect for all kinds of items and might even add a bit of décor to the space. Typically, these options fit compactly under kitchen cabinets, beds or on the top of certain furniture. You may want to store and label items for quick and chaos free locating.??

Big Storage Spaces in Tiny Living Areas

Many small studios and apartments for rent are equipped with large storage areas, like walk-in closets, large kitchen cabinets and extra bathroom space. Using these key storage areas wisely will help you maintain organization. With deep cabinets, the trick is to store the items you use less in the back while keeping the everyday items in the front and in the case of a walk-in closet: plastic storage bins can help keep your stuff off the floor.??

Go Digital

Technology has made it possible for us to read books and magazines without needing a bookshelf, not to mention daily calendars, to do lists, and appointments. Going digital is a great way to keep organized, because doing so can cut down on paper waste drastically and uphold a clean and tidy home.

Clean and Re-organize Often

It is so easy to fall back into the un-pleasantries of disorganized living, especially when the living space is on the small side. Re-evaluating accumulated stuff and getting rid of the items that you do not use or need is highly recommended for keeping tiny areas constantly clutter free.

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you should force yourself to live uncomfortably; there are plenty of options out there for organizing, all you have to do is find the right one to fit your apartment, your budget and your stuff.

This guest post was written and provided by Martha Keagan who is a full time mother, freelance writer and part time real estate and local apartment  broker.